The feud between the Boston Celtics fans and the Curry family hasn't stopped and in recent hours, things reached a new level.

When the Warriors traveled to Boston for Games 3 and 4, fans made sure to make life a nightmare for them, harassing staffers, dropping F-bombs at Draymond Green and even dragging one of the players' wives to the discussion.

One restaurant took a big shot at Stephen Curry's wife Ayesha, claiming she can't cook. Obviously, this didn't sit well with Steph, who went off on the C's, dropping 43 points in Game 4 to tie the series.

That wasn't the end for Steph, and after Game 5, he wore a shirt that read 'Ayesha Curry can cook,' firing back at the haters. Curry would say that he's ready to clap back whenever somebody disrespects his wife.

After Steph and the Warriors took a 3-2 lead in the 2022 NBA Finals, the same restaurant took another shot at Ayesha. They put up not one but two boards trolling Ayesha and Steph.

"Ayesha Curry still can't cook," the first one reads.

"Steph saying his wife can cook is like your mother saying you're handsome," another one says.

It's fair to say that there's no love between Curry and the Celtics fans. This series has been pretty intense both on and off the court, and nobody expects it to change anytime soon.