Autry Breaks the Rules With April Fools Reverse Sneaker Drop

By: Christy R Mathew

Autry, the Texan footwear company, is gearing up for April Fools Day with a new and twisted sneaker drop. 

The Autry Reverse, a limited-edition style that violates the brand's basic design principles, has been launched by the brand, which is known for its bandana-printed partnership with luxury store Antonia.

The Autry Reverse is a defiant take on the classic Medalist shape, with reversed emblems in lieu of recognizable medial windows.

The remainder of the shoe is kept basic, with white leather uppers with perforations in the toe box and detached lacing systems.

The tongues have metallic Autry branding, and the yellowed rubber bottoms round out the appearance.

The design change symbolizes Autry's April Fools' Day character and gives shoe aficionados all over the globe the chance to own a pair with a never-before-seen variation.

The Autry Reverse Sneaker will be available for 24 hours only on April 1 via the brand's website and select stores globally.

The Autry Reverse Sneaker is an excellent addition to any sneaker collection, bringing a fresh and playful spin to the classic Medalist shape. 


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