ARMY Searches For Hints About BTS x Megan Thee Stallion

Christy Mathew

The highly anticipated BTS and Megan Thee Stallion collaboration, #BUTTERTHEEREMIX is finally going to release. This song was announced just a few hours ago because of its legal ups and downs.

However, the news of the collaboration has taken Twitter by storm. Butter was BTS’ second all-English song which was released in May. The band had previously released three Butter remixes, Cooler, Hotter and Sweeter. However, the ARMY is most excited about the upcoming collaboration.

But some fans are confused as to how Megan’s hints for #BUTTERTHEEREMIX went unnoticed. The interactions between celebrities are one of the things that hint at collaboration. 

The ARMY has managed to pull all the stops that hinted at their potential collaboration. Megan had recently uploaded a workout story to her Instagram with Butter playing in the background.

The singer had also posted few pictures with candy emojis which were similar to the one’s BTS leader RM posted on Weverse. A fan noticed RM’s post which included eight emojis that emphasized the word “sweet”.

Fans also corrected their mistake on Jin’s screenshots clarifying that it talked about Megan’s collab and not Coldplay’s. ARMY has also connected Suga’s new pink hair to the whole remix vibe.

Few fans still can’t get over the fact that they missed such apparent hints while some started making predictions for the future.