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Ariana Grande Debuts Her New Beauty Brand In ‘Allure' With Thick Lashes— Photos

Is there anything Ariana Grande, who is 28 years old, can't accomplish? 

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The answer is no, as she demonstrated when she graced the cover of Allure magazine in October.

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ariana grande

 Ariana looked stunning on the cover, with extra-long lashes and a clear face with the exception of a glossy lip.

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She wore all of her makeup from her new r.e.m. cosmetics line, which she unveiled in the issue of the magazine. 

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She wore a cream off-the-shoulder Jisoo Baik top and cool gold Lorraine West and Sarah Hendler earrings to complete her look.


Ariana is the latest celebrity to launch a beauty line and she revealed what she thinks about so many females in her industry starting their own companies.

As for where Ariana gets her inspiration from when it comes to beauty – she loves the older decades and admitted, “I’ve always sort of gravitated towards the ’50s and ’60s and ’70s for glamour references.