Apink Star’s Victim Under Probe For False Bullying Claims

christy mathew

As school bullying claims surfaced in early 2021, a number of K-pop idols have come under scrutiny. Bullying is regarded seriously in South Korea, and the police are called in when it is severe and involves physical violence. While many trolls attempted to target idols, the majority of them were shown to be fake; as in the cases of Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Seventeen’s Mingyu. However, certain cases, like the one involving Apink’s leader, Chorong, are taking much longer.

Following bullying allegations, a photo of Chorong underage drinking was distributed. Ms Kim, the Apink star’s alleged childhood friend; claimed she had been physically bullied. Chorong used to slap her and kick her in the shins when they were in school; according to the claimed victim. The complainant said she will file a lawsuit against Apink’s label, 

Play M Entertainment after the firm refuted the allegations. Chorong had even spoken up about it. Chorong apologised for the underage drinking but insisted she was not the victim of bullying. In fact, she stated that she was good friends with the accuser and that while there may have been misunderstandings; she had never physically harmed Ms Kim. 

Following the release of these remarks in April, there was little news on the subject. Because the bullying allegations against Apink’s Chorong surfaced at the same time as bogus allegations against several other K-pop celebrities; fans were dubious and decided to remain impartial.

Ms. Kim also provided an audio clip of her interaction with Chorong during which she was confronted with the bullying allegations. She eventually apologised for what appeared to be a one-time altercation. The accusation is now being investigated as of November 22. 

The complainant was submitted to the prosecution by the Apink member’s law firm; because she intended to blackmail Chorong with fake information. Chorong was compelled to resign by the legal company after it claimed she had mass-emailed fake material about him to the media.