Apex Legends’ new character comes with a cute sidekick and a big sniper rifle

Apex Legends continues to hold its players’ attention even after several years on the market, and next week

the battle royale shooter will bring things back to where they started with a new season that revisits the game’s original map.

This year, the game already added two new characters brought upgrades for next-gen consoles, rotated in a well-received Control game mode

The new character Vantage, and the old map, Kings Canyon. A recent ranked season split on the OG Apex map revealed how much players have grown since the game launched

Vantage is yet another legend with reconnaissance capabilities, armed with a sniper rifle for her ultimate.

She can zoom in on enemies with her lens to see the team size, shield rarity, and Legend names, as well as get additional bullet drop calculations while using sniper sights

She can position her cute winged companion, a bat named Echo (who cannot be damaged or killed), and then launch to it with a double jump to quickly reposition