Anthony Hopkins Drops Ethereum Name, Looking To Make First NFT Purchase

84-year-old actor Anthony Hopkins asked Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon and Reese Witherspoon for suggestions on which NFT to acquire

‘Silence of the Lambs’ actor changes his Twitter username to ENS name ‘AHopkins.eth’

Critics suggest NFT interest has been shrinking, but data shows 183% jump in NFT marketplace collections from last year

Anthony Hopkins is the latest celebrity to utilise his Ethereum domain name as a Twitter account, following a number of other notable personalities that use Ethereum Name Service.

The 84-year-old Welsh actor transformed his verified Twitter identity to a crypto address on Wednesday, exactly like a website name or email ID.

This naming system, based on the Ethereum blockchain, is similar to the Domain Name Service that matches IP addresses to simple website names.

In Hopkins’ case, it turns his complex wallet addresses “0x5b4b7f43140e79a4452408ce10dd64fd17d8a2e5” into more human-readable “AHopkins.eth.”

It isn’t the first time Hopkins has displayed an interest in Web3. His latest sci-fi movie “Zero Contact” was the first feature film to be distributed as a non-fungible token late last year, skipping the traditional theater release route.

In addition to his Twitter handle update, Hopkins asked fellow celebrities Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon and Reese Witherspoon for recommendations on which non-fungible token he should snap up.