Edwards is one of the rising stars in the league today. Known for his insane athleticism and smooth playstyle, he is one of the best young players in the league.

Recently, Edwards spoke about his pre-draft workout with the Golden State Warriors and how it made him realize he isn’t working hard enough.

During their workout, Kerr and the front office assigned him a Stephen Curry drill. And it proved to be too much for the Edwards at the time. He was tired mid-drill and couldn’t keep up the pace.

Likewise, Kerr gave him the harsh reality and said he has to work harder. This even got him to change his workouts with his own trainer.

He said: "So I was working out for the Warriors pre-draft and Steve Kerr is there, Mob Myers, I forgot the other guy’s name. It’s the three, the coach and the front office guys."

"And we working out and I’m doing this drill that they say Steph be doing. I’m running, touching the line, shoot, running, touching the line, shoot."

"You got to make like five in a row. And I couldn’t do it. I’m like too tired. I’m like man this is too much, but I’m not saying anything so I’m just jogging."

"And after the workout, Steve comes to me like ‘You can’t go any faster?’." He continued saying: "At this point I’m like this is very bad and I’m looking all crazy missing left, missing right."

This stumble on the road made Edwards realize just what it means to be in the NBA. The transition from college to the big league is always tough.

However, an early reality check made sure Edwards never takes it for granted. Since then, he has been a star for Minnesota averaging 21.3 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 3.8 assists in his sophomore year.