The latest piece of mainstream media content about basketball, the movie Hustle, was released in the first week of June before dropping on Netflix on June 8th.

It revolves around Sandler's character, a scout for the Philadelphia 76ers, finding a very talented Spanish basketball player and trying his hardest to get him into the NBA.

The player in question is played by Juancho Hernangomez, who is active in the NBA, and performances by both him and Sandler have drawn a lot of praise.

But an unexpected star in the movie is none other than Minnesota Timberwolves youngster Anthony Edwards, who plays Cruz's rival and the to-be No. 2 overall draft pick, Kermit Wilts.

And one of the scenes that have gone viral is of Edwards' character talking trash to Hernangomez's character to try and throw him off his game.

Edwards: "So, where you from?" Hernangomez: "Spain."

Edwards: "Sh*t sounds whack. Y‘all like bull fights over there right? So here’s what’s gonna happen. You’re the bull, I’m the motherf***er with the cape running your big, dumb a** in circles. That’s cool. Let’s get it."

One of the things fans love most about the NBA is the trash talk, so it's no surprise that this scene has caught everyone's attention.

It's also Edwards' effortless delivery that makes it seem so completely organic that makes it seem like either he's an incredible acting talent, or he's used to talking trash like this to his opponents in real life.

In any case, there's no doubting that Edwards has a future in some more movie roles and commercials once he inevitably becomes a superstar.