Anthony Davis Speaks Up About Lakers' Decision To Sit Him Out Of Back-To-Back Games

Lakers star Anthony Davis has spoken up about the team's decision to sit him out of back-to-back games.

Davis understood the reasoning behind the decision, which was made by the doctors and the organization.

“It’s tough, especially in the position we’re in," Davis said.

"Obviously, I want to go out and play. But before I even came back, this was something the doctors and the organization discussed – that they thought it would be best for me not to play back-to-backs because of the foot."

"Even though I’m not feeling pain or anything, it’s still an active injury, with the stress reaction and everything. We’re doing all the right things to make sure that I’m ready to go. You want to go out and play but at the end of the day with an injury like that, you don’t want it to go to the other side."

The Lakers are in a crucial part of the season and need every win they can get.

Despite the frustration, Davis supports the team's decision to prioritize his health and well-being.

Davis has been playing at a high level in LeBron James' absence, leading the Lakers to several key victories.

The Lakers will continue to monitor Davis' injury and make decisions about his playing time accordingly.