Anthony Davis Reacts To Rumors of Strained Relationship with LeBron James

Anthony Davis is firing back at rumors of a sour relationship between him and LeBron James, calling it a misunderstanding.

According to Davis, people are just looking for a story and don't know the truth about their relationship from the outside looking in.

Davis and James have one of the best relationships in the NBA as far as duos or teammates are concerned, despite what some may think.

Davis had a detached and unemotional reaction to James breaking the NBA's all-time scoring record, which was seen as a major blemish.

After the game, media members began to dig deeper into their friendship and concluded that Davis and LeBron were no longer close.

In a recent game against the Dallas Mavericks, James appeared to be giving Davis late-game advice, but Davis began walking away before James finished speaking, leaving people with more questions.

Despite the optics of these moments, Davis insists that he and James are fine and their relationship is strong.

Davis and James have a close relationship off the court and spend time hanging out with each other, which people may not see.

Davis believes that their on-court moments do not accurately reflect the strength of their friendship and that people should not judge their relationship based on those moments alone.