Andrew Tate talked about his traitors in the recent tweet

The Romanian authorities released Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate from jail on Friday Night but are to be kept under house arrest

The Tate brothers were arrested by Romanian authorities last year in December

They were arrested on the charges of human trafficking, rape and organising a crime

They denied all the allegations and claimed themselves to be innocent 

and even after keeping them in prison for 3 months, Romanian authorities failed to gather any evidence to prove them guilty

Now in his recent tweet, Andrew Tate and has spoken about his 'traitors', he wrote:

In a jail cell for an unknown period of time   Facing the largest of battles   It was the perfect time for any traitors on my team to betray me  But my team remained solid

Flawless  I am the perfect judge of character   Surrounded by impeccable men  Teams like mine cannot lose.

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