Andrew Tate spends $12,000 on Bugattis after authorities seized his cars

Romanian authorities seized all of Andrew Tate’s cars following his arrest in December 2022 and now he’s bought 10 new Bugattis

Tate brothers were arrested by Romanian authorities last year in 2023 

They were arrested on the charges of rape, human trafficking and organising a crime 

Just days later after Andrew's arrest , they seized all of Andrew Tate’s assets, including his iconic Bugatti Chiron and the rest of his cars.

Tate’s since been released on house arrest and shared that he spent $12,000 on Bugattis in a recent video on Twitter

On April 24, Andrew Tate uploaded a video showing off his new Bugatti’s worth around $12,000.

“They raided my house and took all my cars so I bought 10 new Bugattis,” he said. “Haha, DIICOT, see you at the next house raid.”

“I am the fastest man in the world.”

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