Andrew Tate says he’s been ‘poisoned’ by Matrix

Andrew Tate and his brother were arrested back in December 2022 

They were arrested on the charges of human trafficking, rape and organising a crime 

but they were released last month as not enough evidence found to prove them guilty and but to be kept under house arrest

Since his release Tate has been pretty active on his Twitter account 

In a series of tweets, on 27 April Andrew Tate shared a tweet in which he revealed that he was suffering from a series of symptoms that could be some sort of poison

In the now deleted tweets, Andrew Tate showed his swollen face, red skin, and a video that lets you hear that he’s having trouble breathing.

“Face swollen. Blood pressure is through the roof. Skins on fire. Hard to breathe. Some sort of severe reaction or poison. Only had coffee and water so far today. All appeared in the last 5mins,” he said.

This has never happened before. Has only had water and coffee today. Either an insect bite or some matrix attack insanity in his bottled water." said Andrew's manager

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