Andrew Tate says he used “divine powers” to stop a group from intimidating him in prison

Andrew Tate says that he had to use “divine powers” to stop a group of people attempting to intimidate him while in Romanian custody.

Its been almost three months since Andrew Tate was taken into Romanian custody 

Tate and his younger were arrested on the charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal organisation

Since his arrest Tate has managed to continue to post on his Twitter account with tweets calling out Logan Paul and he even claimed that he can fly.

Now in the most recent tweet Tate has claimed that he has 'divine powers' to stop a group of people who are trying to intimidate him in prison 

At laundry today, 3 mortals attempted to intimidate me. Unaware of my divine powers, I extended my hand and clicked my fingers

Then asked them a simple question. Do you know the secrets of Yoga fire? They are not sure why this changed their minds, but it did,” he said.

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