Andrew Tate denies using steroids after showing off ripped physique

Andrew Tate has denied ever taking steroids while showing his impressive physique less than three weeks after his release from prison.

Tate was released from Romanian prison last month after being kept in jail for more than three months 

Tate was arrested on the charges of human trafficking, rape and organising a crime 

but later he was released as no strong evidence was found to prove them guilty but they have to be kept under house arrest 

Post his release showed off his impressive physique in a recent picture

Tate responded to fans accusing him of taking steroids by labelling himself a "genetic specimen" that would pass any drug test put in front of him.

"I am on precisely zero steroids or TRT [testosterone replacement therapy] of any kind," Tate wrote in the tweet. "

"Never have been. Never taken them in my life, ever. I am a man who eats once a day and trains. That is all I swear this before GOD. I will take and pass any test, try me. Accept I am a genetic specimen of absolute brilliance. Gods soldier

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