One of the biggest question marks about Stephen Curry's amazing career has been the fact that Steph has never gotten the Finals MVP award despite winning 3 NBA championships.

Kevin Durant claimed the prize on two occasions during the 2017 and 2018 NBA Finals, and it's hard to argue that he wasn't deserving

But the one that was sort of contentious was when Andre Iguodala won it in 2015.

Iguodala played excellent defense on LeBron James during that Finals, a large part of why he was awarded the MVP for the series

In any case, even Iguodala hasn't disputed that Steph would have deserved it if he got it, but he spoke to Sam Amick of The Athletic

"As I said, I think it was well deserved. I just made the most of the opportunity. The scheme was set up for me to beat (James). And that doesn’t happen too often in the finals."

"Normally it’s the guy who’s the favorite, (who has) the odds, those are the guys who always get the NBA Finals MVP. And I think that I just made the most of the opportunity."

All this talk could become quite irrelevant if Steph can lead the Golden State Warriors past the Boston Celtics for his 4th ring.

With the way he has been scoring in recent games and having also received the first Magic Johnson Western Conference MVP award, he will be likeliest to get it if they can win.

However, there are still 5 more games to go with the series tied at 1-1.