While the Golden State Warriors celebrated their 4th championship in the last 8 seasons, another fanbase joined them in on the fun.

That fanbase, of course, would be the Lakers. There haven't been a whole lot of celebrations happening in Los Angeles over the last year or so but seeing the Celtics fall 

short of winning another title would have surely brought some smiles to their faces.

The Lakers-Celtics rivalry is easily the most iconic one in the history of the NBA, with the teams having faced off a record 12 times in the Finals.

While the Celtics dominated the early part of this rivalry and won 8 Finals in a row, the Lakers have rebounded to win 3 of the last 4.

Them winning the title in 2020 also meant that the teams were tied at 17 titles apiece. 

With their team being a mess on the court in the 2021-22 campaign which saw them miss the playoffs, Laker nation was staring down their worst-case scenario for a single 

season with the Celtics also winning the title, but the Warriors saved them on this occasion. They can't keep relying on others to get the job done, however, and a bounce-back campaign is very much needed in 2022-23.