'Always Sunny' Rob McElhenney To Launch Web3 Entertainment Startup

Actor and filmmaker Rob McElhenney is venturing into the world of Web3.

On Tuesday, the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star launched Adim, a platform for creators to collaborate and obtain ownership of content they develop.

It’s essentially a network of writers’ rooms where creators can come up with new characters and, in exchange, get a financial stake in their future success.

The Santa Monica-based company is the latest in a growing list of startups bringing blockchain technology to the entertainment industry.

However, unlike other enterprises that require fans to purchase NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, for access or creative input, Adim users apply to work on projects first and then earn NFTs upon acceptance, according to co-founder and COO Melissa Kaspers.

Kaspers highlighted that removing such financial obstacles is part of the company's stated objective of increasing access to new voices in the industry, and that creators earn additional NFT at the conclusion of a project's development to signal their ownership share in the intellectual property.

“At the root of all of it was: How can you get new voices into the new technology?” Adim co-founder and CEO Chase Rosenblatt said of the Web3 business idea. “How could they mesh together and really explode hand-in-hand?”

Other Adim co-founders include Spencer Marell, who formerly worked in talent representation at Glushon Sports Management, and Chase’s father Richard Rosenblatt, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded NFT platform Autograph alongside NFL legend Tom Brady.

Adim comes out of stealth equipped with $5 million in seed funding led by Chris Dixon, general partner at Silicon Valley venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz.