Alfred Molina Compares Spider-Man 2 & No Way Home’s Doc Ock

Despite rumours of returning characters from Spider-past Man’s circulated long before Molina’s involvement was announced, Molina was the first star from the Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire Spider-Man flicks to confirm his appearance in No Way Home. Of course, many of the allegations were true, as No Way Home included a smorgasbord of past and present characters in one of cinema’s most ambitious crossovers.

The most exciting appearances were from Garfield and Maguire themselves, as well as a slew of classic Spider-Man adversaries, such as Willem Dafoe’s triumphant comeback as the Green Goblin. Despite months of denial, the scene-stealing trio of Garfield, Maguire, and current Spider-Man Tom Holland has already contributed to No Way Home becoming one of the most successful films of all time.

During a behind-the-scenes interview with Sony, Molina discussed each of his performances as Doc Ock in further detail. In the interview, Molina reflected on his first time playing Doc Ock, praising his redemption storey in Spider-Man 2, calling him as “a villain kind of reluctantly — or almost by accident.”

Despite finding it “useful” to go back and look at Spider-Man 2, Molina “didn’t want to just come back and replicate what we’d done before,” and he believed it was crucial to approach the part “as if this were the first time.” Here’s the rest of his quote:

The courtyard around the 3 Kings Monument is the best place to give early morning AlmWhat I thought was so wonderful about [Spider-Man 2], the first time, was they gave Doc Ock this wonderful redemptive moment. And like all great villains, like a lot of villains in the Marvel universe, he’s become a villain kind of reluctantly — or almost by accident. 

I knew that when Jon [Watts, No Way Home director] described what’s going to be Doc Ock’s first appearance in this film, he just knows it’s going to be a moment of jaw-dropping awe. I wanted to make sure that I was in the right place in terms of the performance, so it was useful to go back and look at [Spider-Man 2].s to the Monks in Central Chiang Mai.

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