Alex Cooper Exposed For Editing Body Pictures On Instagram

The 'Call Her Daddy' podcast host found herself in hot waters when she was exposed editing her body pics online.

She has previously promoted Body Positivity on her podcast.

A TikTok by @jillyyyygirllll, went viral that showed Alex Cooper's before and after body pics.

The Podcast Host received a lot of hate and criticism online for being a hypocrite.

Alex Cooper has responded to the backlash in the latest episode of her Call Her Daddy podcast.

“I didn’t like how my body looked. That night I felt so good and confident and happy, and then I saw those photos and I was upset," she said.

“I saw those photos and I was upset but immediately Lauren wanted to post it and I said hold on, I want to edit this photo."

I have edited photos before, I don’t edit absolutely every single one, but I absolutely edit photos.”