Boston Celtics fans probably have a sour taste left in their mouth after the drubbing their team was dealt in Game 2.

The Golden State Warriors turned up the heat on them in the second half as they took a 107-88 loss to the chin.

Al Horford’s sister Anna was not a happy camper while watching the game, particularly with by the play of Warriors star Draymond Green.

According to her, Green played “dirty” against the men wearing Celtics green.

“If Draymond can’t outplay an opponent, he simply resorts to playing dirty,” said Anna Horford on Draymond’s play against the Celtics in Game 2.

Her frustrations likely also built up as Al Horford had himself a rough night at Chase Center.

After being one of the heroes of Game 1 for the Celtics, Horford had just two points on 1-for-4 shooting from the field.

Dirty or not, Draymond Green did get into some testy situations in Game 2.

The Warriors star picked up an early technical and nearly had himself another on a flare-up with Jaylen Brown before the referees cleared him after a lengthy review.

But despite the loss, Anna Horford, her brother Al, and the rest of the Celtics are likely happy to return to Boston with a 1-1 split.