After Francis Ngannou leaves the UFC, will Tyson Fury face the MMA heavyweight?

Francis Ngannou's contract with the UFC expired in January, making him a free agent at this time. 

As a result, he is now available for a potential matchup with Tyson Fury.

The former heavyweight champion is free to sign with any organisation, according to UFC president Dana White, who also confirmed that the company has waived its right to match any offer he receives.

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, "The Predator" admitted that before joining another MMA promotion, he would like to box.

He recently said on The MMA Hour that he would be open to a hybrid match against Tyson Fury, the WBC Heavyweight Champion, using 4 oz. gloves:

"I will accept whatever Tyson Fury offers." "I don't have any issues boxing with four-ounce gloves." 

Ngannou has frequently stated his desire to live out his dream and fight professionally.