After Batgirl, Supergirl To Be Shelved Next By Warner Bros?

It’s indeed a very sad month for DCEU fans, as Warner Bros is just  shelving their most awaited movies and they are furious about it.

Warner Bros first took the decision of scrapping the “Batgirl” film, which starred Leslie Grace as the Superhero. Now the news is flying on the internet about Supergirl to be shelved soon by Warner Bros.

Sasha Calle is supposed to debut as Supergirl in the movie. She will also be a part of the upcoming 2023’s, The Flash film of Ezra Miller.

Michael Keaton will also reprise his role as Batman in the movie. But  now it’s reported that they won’t be moving forward with the movie.  Let’s find out what’s being told about Supergirl and why they want to  scrap it.

Rolling Stone’s article has spoken about whether the Supergirl movie  will move forward or not. Its article said, ” Now, the prospect of other  DC films being squashed looms. Insiders say Supergirl, which is in  development is not likely to move forward."

There is no official announcement as such about Supergirl being shelved.  As she will also be starring in The Flash 2023 movie, and this movie  was supposed to be her spinoff.

Amid the news about the Batgirl film cancellation, fans were worried if  The Flash too would get canceled. But later on, the producers assured  them that all was good and they don’t have to worry about it.

The release date of Supergirl hasn’t been confirmed yet nor Warner Bros  have given any official statement regarding shelving the movie.