Adin Ross weighs in on Andrew Tate getting "poisoned"

By: Maira Shakeel

Adin Ross react to Andrew Tate's claims that he had been 'Poisoned'

On 27th April, Andrew Tate shared some of his clips in which his face is swollen and rashes all over his body 

He captioned the video: Face swollen, blood pressure through the roof, skins on fire, hard to breathe, some sort of allergy or poison Only had coffee and water so far today

Reacting to the video, Adin Ross wondered what was going on in the world and asked his audience about it.

"Like, what's going on with the world, man? Chat, what's going on in the world right now, bro? Like, chat, is it me, or every day there's something new, bro?

I just don't understand it, bro! Like, why can't everyone just f**k off and let people live? Just, come on, bro!"

Do you guys think that they're trying to f**k with Andrew? Think about it. If he only had coffee and water. That's scary, bro!"

"Andrew Tate has done more for this generation than anybody, and it's facts, bro! In a positive way and it's facts!

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