Adin Ross reacts to Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed new song

Adin Ross has reacted to Kai Cenat’s and IShowSpeed’s newest song Dogs

and he clearly did not like the new song calling it 'f**king trash'

Kai Cenat and iShowSpeed came up with a newest song release called 'Dogs' 

and Adin Ross live streamed his reaction to the song and he didn't liked the song 

Upon checking out the song, his first reaction was, “Alright this s*** is f***ing trash”.

He further go on explaining: I love both of them to death, I love both of them to death” he said twice “But this s*** is f***ing horrible, it’s f***ing ass bro.

However, he does admit the song will most likely go viral, saying, “but this shit is going to go crazy though.”

“Listen, if anyone’s gonna be on my d*** saying “you’re a L friend”, you’re telling me you’re gonna listen to this s*** in the car?” he said

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