Adin Ross opens up about struggle with opioid addiction

Adin Ross has opened up about his experience with opioid addiction

He also claimed that he wants to use his platform to be a help to others struggling with addiction.

The streamer recently uploaded a little serious video on YouTube where he detailed his struggle with taking opioids and overcoming addiction

He also said that his community on YouTube is much more supportive than on his streaming platforms 

One of the biggest things Adin focused on was how the addiction had changed him as a person.

“I fell off my journey a little bit, arrogance started coming out of me and I became a version of myself that I wasn’t familiar with and the people around me weren’t familiar with.

“When I was off of it, I became a really bad person, I had stomach pains and constipation and all sorts of crazy stuff.”

“I was lucky to kill it faster than others but it’s still a very serious addiction.”

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