Adin Ross and Destiny argue over Andrew Tate’s alleged sex trafficking business

YouTube streamer Steven "Destiny" and Kick streamer Adin Ross debated on controversies surrounding Andrew Tate 

During their debate, Destiny criticized Andrew Tate for his alleged involvement in the said crimes

while Adin Ross defended Tate and denied the latter's wrongdoing

Adin Ross argued that Tate's business was similar to the content-sharing platform "OnlyFans

Upon being asked about his opinions on Andrew Tate, he swiftly replied: "R*pist." Adin Ross, who naturally disagreed with that view, said:

"I mean, do you think that hot people who are ripped with money and power don't r*pe people or traffick people?"

Adin Ross went on to explain: "He basically did OnlyFans before OnlyFans okay?

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