Addison Rae Responds To Criticism For Wrong Pronunciation Of ‘Versace’

TikTok fame Addison Rae found herself in hot waters after she attended the Versace runway show at the Milan Fashion Week.

Addison Rae is one of the most followed TikTokers on the planet having more than 84 million followers.

More recently, the TikToker was invited to the Milan fashion Week and she messed up the pronunciation of the fashion brand ‘Versace’ in one of her videos.

This prompted a flurry of haters to criticize her pronunciation of ‘Versace’.

Many comments said that Addison Rae pronounced it as ‘Versaci’ when it is actually ‘Versace’.

But guess what? Addison Rae decided to hit back at these comments with a subtle and clean response.

Addison sent a video reply to one of these comments, this time with different pronunctiation