According to the rehydration clause, Ryan Garcia discloses the maximum amount he can weigh in

According to Ryan Garcia, there is a weight limit when he enters the ring for his fight with Gervonta Davis, as well as a rehydration clause in effect. 

Garcia disclosed that his maximum allowed weight for the 12-round battle, which is 146 pounds, is 10 pounds above than the agreed-upon catch-weight of 136 pounds.

I don't think it's going to be a problem, because I don't like to gain that much weight after the weigh-ins, KingRy remarked in the interview.

 I pretty much stay at 148 when I'm in the ring, so 146 won't be all that different.Garcia consented to compete against "Tank" at a catchweight of 136 pounds.

The unbeaten fighter often competes at junior welterweight, 140 pounds, like he did in his most recent match.

In his last three fights, Gervonta Davis also competed at junior welterweight, but Davis and Garcia have worked out a deal for Davis to fight at a lighter weight this time. 

Ryan Garcia's supporter Oscar De La Hoya discussed the rehydration clause and its ramifications.

As both fighters have been preparing for this battle for a while, their weights have decreased for Ryan Garcia and Tank Davis, respectively.



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