According to Lance Storm, the proposed gambling changes for WWE will destroy the creative process

As scripted entertainment, professional wrestling has always involved a creative process.

It was stated earlier this week that WWE has been attempting to legalise match outcome betting.

The potential problem with this is that match results may need to be locked long in advance.

Lance Storm, a former WCW and WWE star, thinks it's a bad idea to allow wagering on professional wrestling outcomes.

The process of being creative would be ruined. You'd have to go back to the one booker that everyone knows they can rely on to keep quiet.

''If writers are unable to discuss finishes, they cannot compose or collaborate " he tweeted.

All of this is done with the intention of luring purchasers in the future, as WWE has been actively looking to sell since Vince McMahon rejoined the Board of Directors earlier this year.

Meltzer's tweet pretty much sums up what locking in bets would truly involve.



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