A Text From Major Joe Rogan Connection Boosted Logan Paul’s ‘Confidence’ for Floyd Mayweather Fight Revealed

Logan Paul started his career through the Vine app, and now he has become the heartthrob of the online world. Along with having a successful YouTube career, he also dabbles in a variety of things.

He fought Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers of the world in 2021, and just a three-word text from a person gave him the confidence for the fight.

Paul stated about a person who appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast, This guy means more to me than he’ll probably ever know until he sees this. I love David Choe. The first time I saw him was on Joe Rogan. And I immediately reached out because I loved his interview so much.

he guy seemed like tapped into some otherworldly artistry sh*t that I wanted to know more about. And then out of nowhere he makes and sends me a giant 6ft tall Charizard costume. And then this was right before I was about to fight Floyd Mayweather.

Apparently, David Choe texted Paul, “you will win”, and he further revealed that he printed it out and hung it on his wall. 

‘The Maverick’ also stated that he used to look at it every day before training. Choe is a notable artist, musician and also a podcaster. He has been on the Joe Rogan podcast and as such, is a friend of Rogan’s.

Jake Paul had big dreams of becoming a boxing champion as he entered the sport. However, the YouTube sensation did not know the uncertainties of the sport that would come his way. 

Paul mentioned in a video, Yeah, that’s why I’m late. I was sparring, I’m boxing now again. Yeah, we’re getting back in the ring. We’re gonna go from a professional sport like I want to get a fight in December.

We’ll see, I have some people in mind but I can’t say Pal, you know you only get one first impression like that’s part of my ability to make moments and I like making first impressions big and so I want to keep it a secret until we’re ready.