A Sultry Red Bordeaux Floods This Nike Dunk Low Canvas And Suede

Christy R Mathew

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

Nike's newest Dunk Low sneaker release is anticipated to dominate the Holiday 2023 season.

The new shoe will be made of suede, leather, and denim/canvas twill fabrics, producing a luxury look that is guaranteed to please sneakerheads.

The top of the Dunk Low will be a smoldering red Bordeaux wine tint, with a monochromatic appearance on the suede overlay and twill foundation.

he Swoosh emblem, tongue label, and traditional rubber outsole will be mauve, which will contrast with the colour scheme of the sneaker.

The stock waxed laces complete the shoe's high-brow aesthetic, making this Dunk Low a must-have for sneaker fans searching for a sleek and fashionable footwear to rock during the Holiday 2023 season.

This Dunk Low's debut is eagerly anticipated, and fans can expect it to enter shops sometime during the Holiday 2023 season.

In the meantime, fans may look forward to the April 11th release of the Dunk Low "Setsubun."