A future film might feature a Star Wars star as Mayweather

The well-known Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker actor, John Boyega, ought to be the top choice for the role of Floyd Mayweather in a film about his life, claims Forbes author Brian Mazique.

He believes that his acting abilities will enable him to quickly mimic Floyd Mayweather's speech patterns and demeanor. 

Although it is now clear that the two creatures bear no resemblance whatsoever, there are still some physical characteristics that can be considered acceptable.

Mazique used the excellent example of Denzel Washington's portrayal of Malcolm X from the film to illustrate how little likeness actually matters when playing a real-life role in a motion picture.

The first boxing tag team match ever took place during the Misfits X DAZN boxing event, despite the fact that some fans like this format while others dislike it.

It was at this occasion that Floyd Mayweather Jr. and British YouTuber KSI-related rumours first surfaced.

Nevertheless, KSI recently used YouTube to inform his supporters of some depressing news regarding a tag team battle involving the Brit and Mayweather Jr.

The British actor spoke candidly about the Floyd Mayweather Jr. partnership speculations in a video that he released on his YouTube page.



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