A Bold Claim By John Cena Regarding His Relationship With His Ex-Fiancee Nikki Bella

The wrestling star John Cena has received attention throughout the years for both his spectacular personal and professional life.

The superstar had a past romance with WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella. As long as they were together, the WWE power couple attracted a lot of attention from the general public.

But even when she was out of the spotlight, Nikki Bella had a profound impact on Cena. Despite several on-offs in their complicated relationship, Cena eventually acknowledged his mistakes made while they were together.

The superstar revealed on a recent episode of Today's Talk that he felt "awful" about some of the things he did to Bella.

He said, "Now that I look back at what I did then and compare it to what I would do now, I only wish I had asked her to marry me then."

A 75-page pre-live-in contract that was written for his own gain had also been discussed.

She had to sign this massive, absurd agreement before she could enter the front door, and I was extremely tough and unpleasant with her.

"I've kind of softened since then," Cena said.