Jake Paul Would Need 53,000 Years  To Become As Rich As Elon Musk

Despite working relentlessly to establish a career as a professional boxer and promoter after achieving popularity as a social media star and actor, Jake Paul would require another 714 lifetimes to equal Elon Musk's wealth.

The 25-year-old earned more than £32 million in 2021 alone and claims to have more than £100 million in assets - yet Musk, as the richest man in history, would be difficult to catch.

Time2play's research team crunched the statistics to discover how long it would take Paul to attain not just Musk's £175 billion, but also the present fortunes of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos.

According to the statistics, Paul would need 53,220 years to surpass Musk as the world's richest person, 38,140 years to surpass Bezos, 26,900 years to surpass Gates, and a little more manageable 25,300 years to surpass Buffett.

Those 53,220 years, divided by average life expectancy of a male in in the United States (74.4) would mean that he needs 714 lifetimes to catch up.

Paul rubbished claims that he earned a £32m last year following an update from Forbes

- telling his "fans" that it was in fact higher.

"So my dad called me today and asked if the numbers that were reported today were inflated," he wrote on Instagram in January.

"[He said] ’I knew you made close to that, but did you really make that?’ The answer was, ‘Yes, dad and in fact the numbers are slightly low’.