5 Tips To Make The Perfect Pie At Home

Even for seasoned bakers, making pies may be difficult and complicated.

They require a lot of planning ahead because one error could ruin your entire work.

Count by weight rather than volume. Because baking is a science, using erroneous measurements will lead to poorer results.

Avoid overworking the pie dough. Similar ingredients are used in pie and tart doughs, such as flour, butter (or another oil), water, salt, and occasionally sugar.

But the amounts used and how they are combined determine the texture of the crust.

The butter shouldn't become too hot because that will cause it to melt and you'll lose the pockets that make flakes.

Prepare The Filler (And The Crust). With some kind of pretreatment, a lot of pie fillings bake up successfully.

You can put more apples into a pie if you precook the apples, and custards bake more evenly when they are first prepared on the stovetop. 



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