Raj Kundra Reunites With Shilpa Shetty After 2 Months

Businessman Raj Kundra, who was released from jail in a pornography case on Tuesday, reunited with his wife Shilpa Shetty as he returned to his home after two months.

He was granted bail by a magistrate court in pornographic films case in which he was arrested two months ago.


Her career started as a childhood singer.

Shilpa Shetty shared a motivational post on her Instagram account. She wrote about “moments that push you to the ground” and standing back up with “renewed determination and motivation”.

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By age 16, she had already sung backup vocals for 5 Grammy winning singers.

“There are always going to be moments that push you to the ground. In times like these, I truly believe that if you fall seven times, make yourself strong enough to be able to stand back up eight times.”

Shilpa wrote sharing her yoga picture:

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“This rise will demand a lot of courage, grit, will-power, and strength during some of your most difficult moments. But, these qualities will only make you more resilient and robust in this journey called life. You will come back with renewed determination and motivation.”

Kundra was the "main facilitator” in the pornographic content case and he along with other accused exploited young women.

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The charge-sheet includes statements of 43 witnesses, including Shilpa Shetty, who has been listed as a witness.  That says she was not aware of her husband's activities as she was busy with her own work.