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By christy mathew

Is WAYV's Lucas Innocent?

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NCT and WAYV's Lucas has been emerged in dating, cheating and gaslighting scandals. Some fans turned their back to the idol and requested the label SM Entertainment to remove him from the groups.

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Lucas & SM have apologized but neither have accepted or denied the accusations. But fans have now taken one step further as they have found proof by hiring a cyber investigation team to debunk the rumours.

Lucas' fans have got together and released the results of their investigation. It has now gone viral as 'Lucas innocent' has started trending. The group believes they have found enough proof to prove that all the accusations were false.

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They released a timeline of their findings as well. An account was created in August that claimed to expose Lucas.

The cyber team claimed it was made by someone who is not Korean and had used a translation platform to tweet in Korean. They also traced the original accuser's digital footprint. They found that the user was a fan of Boy Love.

The account was made with an Indonesian number and the Soompi community shared evidence that had previously debunked the rumours like the voice note coming from Bubble. They found photos of Lucas being shared by the accuser were bought from a Korean stalker.

The ring which the accuser claimed was bought by Lucas was bought by a group member Winwin. For the second accusation, it seems the chats were fabricated. Same goes for the third accuser as well. 

Other fans also combed through the accusers’ statements and found that nowhere did it say that Lucas had sexually abused them. Fans hope that SM is also privately investigating the rumors and will add these findings that the cyber team has uncovered.

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