2.2 Billion Shiba Inu (SHIB) Burned Via Amazon Burner Since November

The @shib superstore Twitter account, which was put up for game developer Travis Johnson's online business, has totaled up how much Shiba Inu the shop has burnt since the autumn of 2021.

More than 2.25 billion meme tokens have been identified, and the business has lately begun utilising Amazon for their weekly SHIB burning.

According to the tweet, during the last seven months, since November, a total of 2,257,736,799 Shiba Inu tokens (equal to $55,000) have been taken from circulation and delivered to dead-end wallets, where the canine tokens have been permanently imprisoned.

This is known as "burning," and the goal is to diminish the existing quantity of circulating tokens (not only SHIB) in order to build momentum for a significant price increase.

The latter is possible because, when a large number of tokens are held in unspendable wallets, a coin becomes increasingly rare while demand for it remains constant or even grows.

@shib_superstore emphasized that most of the total amount of destroyed Shiba tokens was burned when the coin traded 50 percent higher than now (the current exchange rate stands at $0.000008749 per token).

On May 27, @shib_superstore published a tweet, saying that the shop from that point on would be included into an Amazon affiliate program and it will enable the shop to burn more meme tokens, using the commissions.

Every Sunday, the business burns SHIBs with income from smartphone games (advertising), selling merch and things branded with the SHIB mascot, and so on.

Shibburn website states that the overall burn rate of SHIB has spiked by 162.98 percent.