Watch Mahira Khan Getting Criticism For Her Dressing At LSA’21

Lollywood’s most adored and gorgeous actress Mahira Khan, who proved herself across the border as well, has stunned fans with her looks and styling at the Lux Style Awards 2021.

The starlet looked mesmerizing as she was gracefully dressed in an ivory silk backless gown by “Feeha Jamsehd Official”, complimenting it with minimal makeup and a neat hair bun.

Mahira Khan Under Severe Criticism For Her Dressing At LSA'21
Mahira Khan| Instagram

Mahira Khan Received Criticism

Despite looking super stunning and gorgeous as always, Mahira Khan faced immense backlash from the audience on her dressing at LSA’21. Check the Full List of Winners At Lux Style Awards 2021.

Netizens were quite offended with Mahira’s wardrobe choice at LSA. The audience said that being a Muslim it’s inappropriate to wear such revealing clothes. Here we have gathered some public reviews on Mahira recent pictures from LSA, have a look!

Mahira Khan Under Severe Criticism For Her Dressing At LSA'21
Mahira Khan Instagram Story
Mahira Khan Under Severe Criticism For Her Dressing At LSA'21
Instagram | Mahira Khan

Mahira Praised For Her On Going Show

From the Set of HKKST | HUMTV

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay was creating a lot of attention, even before it aired. Indeed it is rightly so because there are rare things one cannot overlook about the show from the outset. It has the best star-studded show and its new looks. Along with mesmerizing soundtrack and background score that immediately manages to gain viewers’ attention.

However, Hum Kahan Kay SachayThay probes below the surface and into the complexes, toxicity, and bitterness. Thus, every character carries such storylines that are never expressed fully. It leads to getting deep into these emotions because the story follows three children into adulthood. So, it becomes privy to the environment and circumstances in which these children begin to absorb the prejudices of the adults around them. Superb acting delivered by Mahira khan, Kubra Khan and Usman till now.

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay not only benefits from brilliant actors and a strong director, but also styling, particularly that of Mahira khan and Kubra wardrobes along with their rooms.

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