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Watch how Khushi Kapoor reacted when a man mistaken her for Janhvi Kapoor

Khushi Kapoor was spotted boarding an aircraft from Mumbai on Thursday. After spending over three months in Mumbai with her family, producer Boney Kapoor and late actor Sridevi’s youngest daughter was on the move.

For her flight, Khushi Kapoor wore a white spaghetti top with matching white trousers and a grey hoodie. Her hair was pulled back and she wore a pink mask. As she approached the door, someone approached her and asked for a picture. However, an unknown travel companion approached her, mistaking her for Janhvi Kapoor.

The individual was recorded asking for the photograph for his daughter. “I’m not Janhvi, Khushi informed the individual, smiling behind her mask. The paparazzi also aided in the clarification of the situation.

Khushi Kapoor was spotted airport

Janhvi was also seen at the airport earlier in the day. She dressed completely in white, but because she was rushing late for her flight, she couldn’t pose for the photographers.

Khushi and Janhvi have been together for the most of the summer. In April, the 20-year-old returned from the United States, where she is continuing her higher education. She is a student at the New York Film Academy and aspires to be an actress like her sister and late mother.

Khushi’s aims and family were discussed in a video that went viral last year. She had remarked in the video, “Hello, my name is Khushi Kapoor. My family works in the industry, but I’ve always admired it from afar. I’d love to collaborate with my family at some time in the future. Before I start working with my family, I’d like to prove myself and my worth. There’s no other way to do it than to fully immerse yourself in it.”

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