Watch Brad Pitt Lift Shirt During Game About Shirtless Movie Moments

Watch Brad Pitt Lift Shirt During Game About Shirtless Movie Moments

Brad Pitt is not shy to show some skin on display during an interview. The actor recently lifted his shirt and showed off his chest tattoos in a game about his shirtless movie moments.

He was alongside his Bullet Train co-stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry on Comedy Central for Josh Horowitz’s Sultry Quiz. Brad joked that he will do this interview shirtless after his shirtless moment in Fight Club was shown.

He literally did unzip his jacket and lifted his shirt up to show some skin. The actor was recently in the news for his fashion choice for the Berlin premiere of his movie, Bullet Train.

A few weeks ago he even revealed the reason he chose to wear a skirt to the premiere. He was asked about his choice at the premiere in Los Angeles. Brad explained his choice and why he likes bold looks.

The actor explained that all of us are going to die so he suggested, “So let’s mess it up.” He further went on to talk about some of the stunts he did in the movie. Brad shared that he tried to get out of it and loves a stuntman. He added that he has never done an action-comedy before and had always been a big fan of Jackie Chan.

Brad said, “We’d been talking about him for decades. He’s kind of our Buster Keaton. He’s so talented and underrated even. Just to do something in that direction was what was really appealing to me.”

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