Warriors Star Klay Thompson Slammed as ‘Worst Value’

It seemed as though the Golden State Warriors could never lose for a very long time. They continued in similar vein last year, marching all the way to their fourth title in eight years under the guidance of their great trio.

Due to their upcoming financial decisions, there have been many uncertainties this summer. Despite this, they are entering the season with a clear objective in mind: defending their title. That doesn’t mean they don’t have any roster issues, though.

The greatest and worst contracts on each roster in terms of value were examined by Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey in a recent piece. Kevon Looney was rated as the greatest player for the Warriors, while Klay Thompson, who returned to the field last season, was rated as the worst.

“This almost feels like basketball blasphemy. Klay Thompson is one of the greatest shooters of all time and will almost certainly be in the Hall of Fame whenever’s he’s eligible.”

“But a 32-year-old with a torn ACL and ruptured Achilles in his recent injury history brings concerns similar to those detailed with MPJ. There’s at least a chance durability becomes an issue in the next couple years,” Bailey wrote.

As previously mentioned, it feels inappropriate to name Thompson the worst at anything, but given Golden State’s present contract situation, it’s hardly ideal to have a 32-year-old Thompson making more than $40 million after suffering two significant injuries.

Despite the fact that his contract may not be perfect, some people think he may make significant progress this year.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s CJ Holmes published a story on September 19 regarding Thompson‘s hopes for the upcoming year. Although he performed admirably in his first season back, Holmes believes he has room to improve.

“Thompson has had plenty of time to get his legs back under him this offseason, and it should result in greater patience offensively and better efficiency. While it might be tough for him to match his 2017-18 splits, him shooting at least 45% from the field and 42% from deep feels possible. Defensively, last postseason proved that he can still hold his own,” Holmes wrote.


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