Warner Bros To Consider The Cancellation Of Ezra Miller’s The Flash As The “Last Option”

Ezra Miller’s legal controversies continues, but now it’s causing a lot of problems for his most awaited film “The Flash”. Recently Ezra Miller was charged with felony burglary from a Vermont Residence.

Other than this previously it was also reported that Ezra is accused of assaulting a woman in Hawaii and living on an unlicensed marijuana farm in Vermont, with a mother and two kids. The Flash movie which is set to release on 23rd June 2023, Warner Bros has decided to give it three options to proceed, one of them also includes the film getting scrapped because of the actor’s controversy.

Let’s have a look at what three options Warner Bros is considering for the fate of the film. The first option is that Ezra Miller should go and seek some professional help as now his mother has joined him in Vermont. After that, he could give an interview for an explanation of his past erratic behavior which caused a lot of trouble. Then, he could continue doing small press for the film, and then the film will release as was decided previously.

Secondly, if he doesn’t follow the first option, the film is still on for release but Ezra Miller won’t be an important part of any publicity or promotion of the film. He also won’t be seen in future films as Flash, because he will get replaced by someone else in upcoming future projects.

The last escort would be to scrap the film, just like the Batgirl. If the situation about Miller gets much worse because for Warner Bros it won’t be possible to reshoot the film with another actor as almost in every scene, there is Flash’s presence and also he has multiple characters. So canceling the $200M movie will only be the option.

Previously there were rumors as well about The Flash getting canceled when Warner Bros decided to shelve the $90M Batgirl. But later on, the producers of the film assured the fans that all is good and they don’t have to worry about it getting canceled.

About The Flash

While trying to stop his mother’s murder, The Flash accidentally alters the course of the timeline and creates a multiverse.

Two superheroes will be joining the upcoming film Flash of them Sasha Calle as Supergirl & Michael Keaton as Batman.

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