Warner Bros Shelved The $90M DC Film “Batgirl”, Here’s Why

Warner Bros has taken a step that fans are not going to like, as they won’t be releasing the “Batgirl” movie. Let’s just have a look at what’s the reason behind this.

Leslie Grace was supposed to make her debut through the Batgirl film, but Warner Bros took a big decision today to shelve the movie. Firstly it was decided that the Batgirl movie will release on HBO Max, but later Warner Bros shifted it to the big screen. The film also faced many delays due to the pandemic.

Due to this thing, the film got very much delayed and now after the audience waiting for it to come out so eagerly, they have decided not to drop the film in theatres.

Batgirl movie cost $90M dollars, for its production. The reason behind not releasing it is because it got many negative reviews and feedback after the test screening. Fans were disappointed watching the film and thought that it was not at all good in comparison to other DC films. It was also reported that they said it wasn’t kind of “the big theatrical event film” they expected.

When asked by El Arbi, the director of the film about when the movie is going to be out, he said,” We don’t know when Batgirl is coming out. No one told us nothing about tweaks, just carry on.”

Warner Bros’ main focus now is on big theatrical releases, and after test screening seeing that people are not really liking the film they decided to shelve it.

Michael Keaton as Batman & JK Simmons as James Gordon were going to reprise their roles in the film but seems like it won’t happen as now the film won’t release.

About Batgirl

Directed by Fallah and El Arbi, the story of the film revolves around Barbara Gordon, whose secret identity is Batgirl who protects the people by fighting the crimes in the city. The script was penned down by Christina Hodson. The character of Batgirl a.k.a Barbara Gordon was to be played by Leslie Grace. Other cast members include Brendon Fraser, Ivory Aquino, Jacob Scipio, Rebecca Front, Corey Johnson, and Ethan Kai.

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