Wardlow vs. MJF AEW Double Or Nothing Stipulations Revealed

Wardlow vs. MJF AEW Double Or Nothing Stipulations Revealed

Tonight’s AEW Dynamite included a segment in which MJF and Wardlow faced off in the ring, though MJF had a security team, Shawn Spears, and handcuffed Wardlow to ensure his safety.

MJF then disclosed the terms of the contract for a singles match between the two men at Double Or Nothing. Wardlow has to go through several trials in the coming weeks before he can even get his hands on MJF at the very next AEW pay-per-view.

To begin, Shawn Spears will deliver ten chair shots to Wardlow’s back. Wardlow and Shawn Spears would then compete in a steel cage match if he survives the pain of that encounter. Wardlow still hasn’t won a steel cage fight. To make matters worse, MJF will be the special guest referee in the steel cage match.

Wardlow will face MJF in a one-on-one match

If he completes the work, Wardlow will face MJF in a one-on-one match at Double Or Nothing later this summer and will be set to release from his MJF agreement if he succeeds. However, it was eventually discovered that if Wardlow does not win Double Or Nothing on May 29, he would be barred from ever signing an AEW agreement.

The fragment started with a parody of Dark Side of the Ring, with Chris Jericho’s voiceover trying to hype Maxwell’s return to Long Island. MJF also conveyed some expectedly cheeky lines all through his promo, mentioning former AEW star Cody Rhodes, who is now signed with WWE. MJF referred to him as The American Rollercoaster and his closest mate.

When the audience responded negatively to his Rhodes mention, he responded, Aaah, you folks don’t want to discuss about 2024? The man in the back doesn’t either.

This was in response to the well-documented interview sessions in which MJF stated whoever pays the most cash when his contract ends will get him to sign. And if Vincent Kennedy McMahon is ready to pay more than my good buddy Tony Khan, then yeah sure, I will go to WWE, MJF said late last month at the For The Love Of Wrestling convention in Liverpool, England.


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