WandaVision’s Two Post-Credits Scene Explained News

WandaVision’s Two Post-Credits Scene Explained

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Time icon March 5, 2021

Warning: This content includes spoiler from WandaVision episode 9- The Series Finale

The events that happen in the last and final episode of WandaVision, end with two huge post-credits scenes. These scenes actually set up MCU’s future of Scarlet Witch a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff and Monica Rambeau.

WandaVision’s season 1 will likely be the only season for Scarlet Witch, obviously because of its name, The Series Finale. The show built itself up to its big showdown with Agatha Harkness plotting against Scarlet Witch to gain her powers. Meanwhile, the predictable happened when Vision had a face-off with White Vision. On the other hand, S.W.O.R.D. tried to attempt to break into the hex and stop Wanda.

The climax and the battles and revelation of the show’s finale gave the taste of the perfect Marvel movie. It gave us a satisfying and emotional ending for Marvel’s first-ever show. In the end, however, Agatha Harkness was defeated as Wanda took a page out of the villain’s book to defeat her.

She transformed into her true form of Scarlet Witch and trapped Agatha in Westview forevermore. Hayward (whom we all hate) was arrested as well with the assistance of Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis. White Vision who was battling the “hex” Vision also took off after a conversation with him. Presumably to return again in the MCU’s future.

At the end of it all, Wanda turned Westview back to normal which meant she had to say goodbye to her family. Although all of our theories did not pan out, it was satisfying as it gave a wrap-up storyline while also ensuring to give us enough groundwork for future MCU projects.

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Monica Rambeau’s Possible Future

This was significant especially in the two post-credit scenes which tied to everything from Nick Fury’s show and Secret Invasion to Doctor Strange 2 or Spider-Man 3.  

WandaVision’s mid-credits scene reminds us of a trick from Spider-Man: Far From Home’s post-credit scenes. The revelation of another Skrull agent on Earth was introduced. She revealed herself to Monica in the Westview cinema. The agent also claimed to be sent by an “old friend” of Monica’s mother, Maria Rambeau.

She claims to have heard Monica has been grounded and wanted to meet her. Monica asks her ‘where?’ and the agent points upwards. This means that all the signs point to Nick Fury which was teased in Far From Home.

Because of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the assumption of Nick Fury setting up or joining S.W.O.R.D. was made. It was assumed that he was overseeing their operations up in space. However, S.W.O.R.D. was also introduced in WandaVision which supported the theory.

But the more evil intentions of Hayward shifted the narrative. If Project Cataract was his own agenda, then it’s still debatable that Nick is working for S.W.O.R.D. as well. However, it is still unknown if it’s them or his own new agency.

It has also been confirmed that Secret Invasion will be happening in the MCU because its own Disney+ show is coming. The Skrulls were introduced in Captain Marvel and they were the good guys. It has also been confirmed that Monica will be appearing in Captain Marvel 2. Monica’s appearance in Secret Invasion can lead up to her meeting up with Carol Danvers. The mid-credits scene connects to Monica’s future in the MCU and her becoming a true superhero.

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Wanda & Doctor Strange Saving Her Children?

This episode, to our surprise, had another post-credits scene at the very end. Wanda had said goodbye to her family including her two children and Vision. In the post-credits scene, she is seen living peacefully at a remote place by the lakeshore.

Wanda is seen holding a cup of tea as she moves inside her house. However, there is something, much stranger and darker behind her house. But now Wanda is projecting her different version as the Scarlet Witch is seen in her costume while reading the book of magic. Agatha had told Wanda that the Darkhold is a very powerful artifact and is also known as the Book of the Damned.

The book contains dark magic spells and it also contains information about herself. If we don’t get ahead of ourselves, it is possible that Scarlet Witch is finding out exactly who she is and what she is. And our hint that she has clearly learned something from the book is seen as she is perfectly capable of separating herself into two beings.

However, what Wanda hears next is more curious as she hears her twins screaming for help. This creates the question of how is she actually hearing her twins. One of the theories can be that her grief is impacting her reality so much that it is starting to breakdown around her. this can also add up because she is reading something so powerful and dark and she doesn’t have enough understanding of the book.

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One other theory is that the twins have been resurrected or taken to another dimension because the Darkhold can damage reality. The villain Nightmare has been teased previously and he was rumored to be the villain in WandaVision as well as Doctor Strange 2. So, the theory connecting him is that he has the twins in the Dream Dimension and would fit as a good setup for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie too.

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