WandaVision Stars Remind Everyone Not To Spoil The Finale In PSA News

WandaVision Stars Remind Everyone Not To Spoil The Finale In PSA

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Time icon March 5, 2021

WandaVision stars have appealed to fans and viewers to not spoil the upcoming finale. In few hours, the season finale of the superhit Marvel show will be premiering. The highly anticipated finale will mark the ending of Marvel Studios’ inaugural Phase 4 project.

However, amidst all the anticipation and excitement, people in the show request viewers who are immediately watching the show on Disney+ to not openly talk about the plot twists. When the show started with a slow burn, it confused fans as to what was really happening with the characters, because of the show’s timeline in the MCU.

WandaVision is set right after the events of Avengers: Endgame. However, after few episodes, the show started answering some questions. There is the confirmation that Evan Peters is not Pietro Maximoff and that Agnes a.k.a. Agatha Harkness is the show’s villain.

Further on, the show also revealed how exactly the Maximoff Anomaly began with Wanda. It was revealed that she used Chaos magic to create the hex around Westview and also created Vision. Even if a lot of questions have been answered, there are a lot of other queries that need answering as well, and let’s hope that the finale will answer all of them.

There is a PSA video posted on Marvel Entertainment’s official Youtube page starring Randall Park and Kat Dennings. The actors play the role of Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis in the MCU. They reminded everybody to keep the spoilers at bay after catching the WandaVision finale. The clip also includes the glitching effect that the show is known for.

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Matt Says Some Fans Are Going To Be Disappointed

This is not the first time, Marvel Studios is launching a PSA campaign. During the time of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo asked everyone to not spoil the movies for anyone. They asked fans personally and asked them to refrain from spoiling it, especially on social media.

This was for the sake of the aforementioned blockbusters on opening night. However, that might be even more difficult to do now that WandaVision allows access to anyone with a Disney+ account.

There have been a lot of theories as to what could happen or what viewers can expect. Matt Shakman had revealed that at the moment, there are no confirmations for a second season. He also revealed that some fans might find the finale of WandaVision disappointing.

It is important to remember that the show is about Wanda dealing with her trauma and grief and they have stayed true to that purpose.

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