Virgil Was Diagnosed With Dementia And Had Two Massive Strokes Recently

Virgil Was Diagnosed With Dementia And Had Two Massive Strokes Recently

Former WWE Multimillion Champion Virgil broke the heartwrenching news through social media on Friday. Virgil revealed in the tweets below that he suffered severe “2 major strokes” and has been unable to use one of his arms. A doctor has also informed Virgil that he is in the early stages of the disease.

Dear Meatsauce Mafia, I am thankfull that I can express what has happened to me. Regrettably, I must inform you of some distressing news. If you’re curious to know why I haven’t been as active in recent weeks, it’s because I received bad news.

I hadn’t felt well since Mania weekend (of all weekends). Things wasn’t quite right. My brain, arm, and heart. When I returned from Dallas, I went to see a doctor, who discovered a slew of problems.

To begin with, the Doctor had discovered that I had suffered two massive strokes in the previous few months without my knowledge. Like I had no idea until I stopped working with one of my arms. It is essentially incapable of doing anything. This was the good news.

Doctor’ Advice

Worse, I’ve been told that I’m suffering from an early early stages of dementia. Decades of taking the big main show bump each night (that no one else desired to take) had begun to take their toll on me. I’m worried. I’m terrified, and God knows I can’t even afford to get through this and make a living. It’s really unfortunate because all I need to do is have good times doing what I always do. Sustain. What exactly am I requesting? So far, four people, including my housemate and team, have assisted me with this page in order for me to purchase.

I’ll furthermore sell autographs, clip shoutouts, and even my $2 video game if you download it. It denotes EVERYTHING. I’m asking you to forward this to all of your friends, family, and anyone else you think might be interested in wrestling.

It all adds up. I’m not looking for pity. I’m hoping that the love I’ve put into this business will see me through this trying time. I served my sentence. I accepted my punishment. Now I’m just trying to stay alive. I hope this is clear. I adore you all.

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